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The Satanic House (p. 5)
July 9th
5:00 PM EST
I just realized it's been a month now and David and the others haven't returned! Too much people in the orphanage means losing count of who is here or not! Ms. Johnson and Smith are getting really worried and I just kept scratching the back of my head with the sound of "heartbeats" coming from the back of my ears. The other teens were also losing it a little bit. The rest of the orphans couldn't tell who was here or not however (for the fact that they were mostly too young). This is so weird.. have those people have something to do with them not coming back? Did they even mention about having an extended time?! I have no idea... but Gloria and Kevin went to go to the house they went to go see what happened to them. Again, I stayed behind just to help what I can do for the orphanage... nothing bad is going to happen.... right?!
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The Satanic House (p. 4)
June 5th
11:30 AM EDT
David found out where they live. They are seven streets the back of us. I asked him how he found out and he just showed me an envelope from the mailbox that was actually an invitation to the place. The envelope had the address up front with a small handwriting of a phone number at the bottom. David at least wanted to have a nice chat with them and asked me if I wanted to come but I just stood back, didn't have any interest of joining. So instead, he invited the other teens Gabriel, Mary and Joseph. Right now, they're walking towards there and I'm just minding my own business, staying away from trouble.
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The Satanic House (p. 3)
June 3rd
1:00 PM EST
Summertime is almost near. For the past few months, I've been doing the same old thing helping out the orphanage the best I can to make sure everyone's safe. Ms. Smith and Johnson were getting nearly old and us old teens had to do the dirty work around the place. We haven't gotten a word from the new neighbors. Weird.. we just met them the other day and they're nowhere around... well.. at least not in our part of the area we can see. But then again, I wasn't surprised. I already had a feeling they were odd jobs trying to make suspicious acts around here.. not that they have caused any incidents but.. how they acted when we met them.. huh..
:iconfunstimister:FunsTimister 3 0
The Satanic House (p. 2)
May 8th
12:37 PM EST
A bunch of strangers have just moved into our neighborhood about 2 hours ago. Nobody in the orphanage knew who they were but most of us didn't pay any mind. The rest however just couldn't shake the feeling but to go outside and meet these people. I just stood right here on my chair in my room, watching them greeting with Ms. Smith and Johnson, outside through my window without a sound or an expression. I saw these 5 people wearing weird, dark outfits I've never seen in my life. The new people were speaking to the owners in a friendly manner but when I look at them real close, it seems like they are hiding something. I didn't want to interfere but then again, their manners are obviously in a way that could deceive anybody. Their smiles looked fake and their overthrown cheerfulness is too bright.. bright enough that once we're all not looking, they'd kill us all if they could get away with it.
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The Satanic House (p. 1)
May 5th
8:00 AM EDT
Today was just an ordinary day at the orphanage. The other children were loud, the owners Ms. Smith and Ms. Johnson were as serious as they could ever be  with their deep yell and intimidating expression on their faces, and the sun was shining so bright my eyes would burn every single look I take at it. DAMN, I can't stand that light. Nonstop, it's been sunshining without a change of weather. Other than that, nothing else but the usual is happening. Not long ago, I bought this new journal to write about anything that comes to me whether if it's an expression or news that ever come. I'll just have to keep living life the way it offers.
:iconfunstimister:FunsTimister 4 1
Dancing with Devils (Character List)
Dancing with Devils
Created by FunsterTime
1. Gavreel- Young, Middle-Height, Kindest, Smartest, Most Caring of the Group, Falling Angel; Originally one of the Comfort Angels until he lost his insanity back in the Heavens and was willingly exiled to keep the angels safe from him. He takes good care of both the demons. 
2. Kulzu- Oldest, Tallest, Short-Tempered, Angry, Cocky, Demon; Was born in "hell" all his life, knowing early in his life that he is part demon and one day he meets the two supernaturals. He would go after anyone who messes with the two. (Gets annoyed by Ariel but secretly has a crush on her later in the story in a pressuring way and would make anyone suffer who tries to hurt the two especially Arial; Arial feels blushed but disturbed back)
3. Arial- Youngest, Shortest, Crazy, Insane, Yandere, Demon; Originally a human girl that committed more than a dozen of sins. Was lost in life, unknowingly a demon at first until
:iconfunstimister:FunsTimister 4 8
Vector's Inflation (Request, Pencil) by FunsTimister Vector's Inflation (Request, Pencil) :iconfunstimister:FunsTimister 6 7 Frostymittens (Request, Pencil) by FunsTimister Frostymittens (Request, Pencil) :iconfunstimister:FunsTimister 8 8
First Day at the Bakery
First Day at the Bakery
Written by FunsterTime
Kin: (Takes out a big bowl) So how do I start making cupcakes exactly?
Pinkie: Why that's easy!! (Clears throat, starts singing) All you have to do is take a cup of flou- (Disc Scratch Sound effect plays as Kin cuts Pinkie off by covering her mouth)
Kin: (Fake laughs and speaks unenthusiastic) .. Can you tell me without singing how it's made?
Pinkie: (Disc Scratch Sound effect reverses and Pinkie speaks in an unexpected normal tone like she wasn't told to not sing before) Oh... um.. alright. Well take a cup of flour, add it to the mix, add something sweet, not sour and a small pinch of salt. Also add a teaspoon, a little more of four, put it in the oven and set it to 350 degrees. Then wait about 30-35 minutes for it to be done. Does that help in anyway? (Becomes shocked after seeing Kin already done making his cupcakes)
Kin: Thanks Pinkie. I've done every instructions you wanted me to do!
Pinkie: (Surprised) ..H-how did you finish s
:iconfunstimister:FunsTimister 4 0
Castiel Dress Up Game V. 0.0.1 by FunsTimister Castiel Dress Up Game V. 0.0.1 :iconfunstimister:FunsTimister 7 24
Funster's Origin

Originally born on April 27th, 2000, from an alternate earth called Troivadat. It is not clear where he was born from but since then, he was raised a normal life. Most of the time, Funster would stay with his childhood friend Nate Achterberg's house while his parents were absent. His father is a leader of a Fox Spirit Clan called the Jakkun. His mother is a species of an alive angel. Between the two, his mother was more deeply bonded he earned his love from. Present day, he travels to other worlds to go on many adventures with strangers and battle against enemies.
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Funster's Peace by FunsTimister Funster's Peace :iconfunstimister:FunsTimister 21 14 MCSM Short Storyboard by FunsTimister MCSM Short Storyboard :iconfunstimister:FunsTimister 11 9 Sketch Redraw by FunsTimister Sketch Redraw :iconfunstimister:FunsTimister 16 55 Kin's Voice Test 1 by FunsTimister Kin's Voice Test 1 :iconfunstimister:FunsTimister 12 24 Funster and Milieus by FunsTimister Funster and Milieus :iconfunstimister:FunsTimister 18 5


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